We create city legends which open up portals into the very fabric of space-time. The city itself is our canvas for painting. The consciousness of our spectators and co-creators is the stage for our performances.

What is Sensory Labyrinth?
¨As you enter the sensory Labyrinth the outside world disappears… You take no more than 100, 200 or 300 steps but they completely transform your perception of the here, now, before, then, me, the others… You are now the protagonist in a legend or fairy tale existing for you only, you start seeing the unseeable by the eye and find the answers to questions which have been waiting a long time… When you exit the Labyrinth, it is already a part of you.”


The essence of the Sensory Labyrinth Theatre is found in the innermost spaces of the heart so it is hard to put into words. Only when you go through the experience will its nature be revealed to you.

Still, the Sensory Labyrinth Theatre is:

  • An interactive artistic process leading to the creation of a performance strongly linked to the specific context of its location (so it is site specific)


  • A performance in which the ¨audience¨ and the ¨actors¨ merge to become the co-creators of a unique, one-of-a-kind show
  • A ritual both ancient and modern, where the viewers take turns passing through an installation – a labyrinth filled with unusual sensory provocations (auditory, tactile, olfactory, visual, gustatory)


  • A personal journey into the unknown, the dark, the ¨here and now¨, every step taking us closer to our inner self, to the other and the universe…

The Sensory Labyrinth was brought to Europe by the Colombian anthropologist Enrique Vargas (Teatro de los Sentidos) at the end of the last century. The Sensory Labyrinth Theatre was first introduced in Bulgaria in 2006 by the Welsh director and researcher Iwan Brioc (TheatrCynefin) – a direct disciple of Enrique Vargas. Owing to the cooperation between him and Bistra Choleva (¨BIVEDA¨ association), many seminars and creative workshops were later organized to educate the first group of Bulgarian actors in the methods of the sensory theatre. Today, the core of this group (Sensory Theatre Sofia) is part of the European network for context oriented arts – The Republic of the Imagination – and has put on a number of performances and socio-artistic projects.

The Sensory Labyrinth Theatre is the collective product of an interdisciplinary team of artists coming from different fields of art (theatre, music, dance, visual arts, architecture) as well as social and humanitarian scholars (psychologists, anthropologists, social workers).

¨Sensory Theatre Sofia¨ is an open formation which enlists volunteers and people from the local communities, instructing them in the specific methods of the sensory labyrinth.

An archive of the projects so far can be found in the Labyrinths section.