Christmas Labyrinth of Miracles – 2010

The winter solstice… The longest night and the darkest time in the northern hemisphere of our planet…

The end of a calendar cycle and the birth of the New… Every birth is a miracle!

And every end is a door for miracles to happen…

The energy of the winter solstice, the Christmas season, inevitably make us more sensitive. We, like nature, nourish within ourselves the seeds of new beginnings. Our dreams are cozier than ever, our inner pondering becomes a direction and our miracles come closer to us, only a veil away.

At this time the “Christmas Labyrinth of miracles” creates a magical fairytale space for travel in the darkness of time; with surprises, gifts, fairies and shadows. Every step there is a discovery; every search – a finding and every moment a sacred bond with the cravings of our soul.

The Labyrinth of miracles provokes our creativity, refreshes our perception and helps us connect with the spirit of the New Year, when we hope for a better future and take leave – sometimes with sadness – of the past and the road we’ve traveled. We will not let out what you will see, and it is possible that you may see one thing, and another may miss it because of something else… – surprise-surprise! However, what we can guarantee and promise right now is that the festive spirit and the warmth of the holiday season will pour over the brave travelers and bestow upon them radiance and love, optimism and new vitality.

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