We are entering the space BEYOND WORDS. We remain still for a moment. Fall silent. Open our senses in depth. Connect. Enter the fine dimension. The island is slowly approaching. The splash of the oars and the whiff of the wind are already Music. Every drop of water clearly echoes. Last meters and … the silenauts step on the shore. The Island accepts us in the eternal Present. Here and Now.

This is the third part of a scientific-poetic study leading to the unknown parts of the Island which is outside as much as it is inside of us. The Island is a mysterious object located at the bottom of the ocean of air and in the middle of a large water mirror – and it has called us again for our next meeting …

“The Island of Silenauts” is a sensory space-Labyrinth created by the “Sensory Theatre Sofia” as an integral part of the BEGLIKA FEST 2017 – REBIRTH. Located on the biggest island in the Goliam Beglik Dam, this unique sensory performance turns the viewers into actors, into silent explorers, penetrating under the surface of the familiar reality in search of unexpected treasures wrapped in Silence.

Unlike the previous editions of the “Island of the Silenauts”, this year the participation will be ONLY with tickets, which you can buy in advance here or on the spot in case there are available places.


“The Island of the Silenauts” will be available to the visitors of BEGLIKA FEST 2017 on 24th, 25th, and 26th August between 2 pm and 5 pm, and if you are coming only for the sensory Labyrinth performance you can buy a one-day ticket for the Festival at