The Island of Silenauts exists only occasionally. Separated from the world by a mirror surface, reflecting the sky, it offers a temporary sanctuary to those who seek the Essence. Silenaut Island is a deep place, but not solitary – it is populated by numerous researchers. As the summer residence of the Institute for Silence Research, the island is a real physical place, creating unexpected opportunities for sudden discoveries and intimate encounters with those who travel in the space BEYOND WORDS. They are called ‘silenauts’.

You can be one of them…

The Island of Silenauts is a sensory space-Labyrinth, created by Sensory Theatre Sofia, specifically for this year’s Beglika Fest. Inspired by the magical natural environment of the Rhodopes Mountain and the uninhabited islands in Golyam Beglik lake, the silenauts from the Institute for Silence Research invite you on a magical journey under the crust of the reality we know… A journey that will expand the scope of your senses and will give you new opportunities to connect to Yourself, the Other and the Universe.

Those who are ready to cross over to “the other side“ and embark on a magical journey round the Island should know and observe the following instructions:

  • “The island of silenauts” is a gateway to another dimension of reality which is slower, deeper and finer. That is why it is not possible to pass through it “for a short time” on the way to some other place. The minimum stay on the Island is at least an hour.
  • The silenauts research Silence quite literally, so it is necessary to leave the words behind when you reach the Island… “NO TALKING” is not optional, but OBLIGATORY!
  • Actually anyone who is willing can become a researcher of Silence. What is necessary is to give up your usual (verbal) way of communication and look with exploring eyes into the space around and within.

Bon Voyage, silenauts!

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