¨Sensory Theatre Sofia¨ has realized its projects thanks to the active support of community partners and allies who have been with us over the years.

If you want to become a partner by:

  • joining our team as a volunteer
  • helping with the development of sets and costumes
  • cooperating for the promotion of the Sensory Labyrinth Theatre
  • sharing an interesting space in which we can make a spectacle
  • becoming a sponsor in the form of advertising or donationyou can contact us herePartners:

VERTIGO BUSINESS TOWER,              Galimberti,                   Global Vision Circle,                   БИВЕДА,           The Republic of the Imagination,              Национален политехнически музей,

Photosynthesis,             ОСB,                   пекарни “Слънце-Луна”,        RASTENA grow-shop,

Бялата орлица,                BULGARIA MALL,

Grand Optics,                    Discus,                    Exotic land,                Wolfram Studio,

Muhomorka,                   BG-Mamma,           z0n Studio,                   Insight Seminars Bulgaria