“Traveling Across the Allniverse” – a unique interactive experience for children and adults titled

Experiential learning through one of the most successful performances by Sensory Theatre Sofia in February and March 2020


Following the success of the performance’s first edition, “Traveling Across the Allniverse” – one of the most liked performances of Sensory Theatre Sofia – is back and renewed. It has already opened doors for all residents and guests of the capital who would like to dive into an unparalleled interactive experience in which the main characters are the visitors themselves.


The performance, which is suitable for children over 6 years of age as well as adults, places the participants in the center of a fantastic storyline that engages all senses. It also helps to develop the visitors’ imagination and creative thinking, as well as qualities such as empathy, adaptability, problem-solving skills, and analytical thinking. The format is a unique way of using first-person learning and other alternative education techniques .


“Traveling Across the Allniverse” engages the participants in a magical tale, where they play the main roles, and the unique scenery and fantastic characters they meet on the way take them into a whole new, surreal world. One is taken to the Allniverse on a magical ship, which departs exactly at a certain time from a special place. Participants must go through challenges and cope with the tasks assigned by the magical inhabitants of the Allniverse.


This is a mystical adventure that remains a secret until you cross its very doors.


The Allniverse is open to all thirsty for new sensations enthusiasts, regardless of their age, who want to return to the immediacy, purity and innocence of childhood. This performance is an invitation to remember and preserve the magical reality of the time when we were children.


The first performances of “Traveling Across the Allniverse” 2020 have already received very positive feedback. Here’s what the first visitors have shared so far:


“I’m rediscovering a world I had forgotten, that I had left somewhere in my childhood … Returning to Myself”, says an already grown-up lady.


“An unforgettable experience that brings you to another, magical world. Thanks for the wonderful emotion “, shares little Ralitsa.


“A very different experience, with many unexpected surprises and feelings…. A positive experience that makes you come out of ordinary reality and fall into a more beautiful, long forgotten one. “


An amazing experience! … Like in a David Lynch movie! “, says another grown-up visitor excitedly.


You can get acquainted with the stories of young and older participants from the first edition of “Traveling Across the Allniverse” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AG1DHANoLE0


If you want to be part of the magical world of the Allniverse, you can reserve your place in February and March. The ship to the Allniverse departs from 5, Spas Sokolov Street – INTERPRED BOYANA Business Building in Manastirski Livadi Quarter.


Passing  through the performance is individual, the limited capacity fills up very quickly, so you need to reserve the date and specific time of your entry at www.sensorytheatresofia.com


Ticket price for one participant – 60 BGN 

Family ticket (adult and two children or two adults with child) – 150 BGN


Duration: 60 min.



FEBRUARY 16th, 22nd and 23rd, 2020

MARCH 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th 2020




What is the Sensory Theatre Sofia?


Sensory theater is an interactive artistic process leading to the creation of a performance strongly linked to the specific context of the site where it occurs. It is usually done in non-standard locations. This is a performance in which the roles of the audience and the artists are mixed-up and they become the creators of a unique adventure together.


Sensory theater is both an ancient and a modern ritual in which visitors pass one after another through an interactive installation – a labyrinth saturated with unusual sensory stimulations (auditory, sensory, olfactory, visual, taste). The main motive is always the personal journey of the participants in the unknown, in the dark, in the moment of “here and now”, with each subsequent step they approach the meeting with their inner self, with the Other, with the universe.


Unlike traditional arts that work with one or two senses, sensory theathre works with all five.

The format is already gaining popularity all over Europe – Barcelona, London, Copenhagen, Bucharest and others, have already established themselves as places in which this type of immersive art is becoming preferred and sought after.


The project “Traveling Across the Allniverse” is implemented with the financial support of: Ministry of Culture, Sofia Culture Program 2019 and the Public Board of Telus International Europe in Bulgaria.


Join in and pick a date: https://www.facebook.com/events/585788775499161/