Journey into the Allniverse – Sensory Theatre for Children, 2015

“In Bulgaria Mall there is a secret room which takes every person, called upon to have a peep at the rabbit hole, into another dimension of Reality. This is the beginning of a journey leading to the stars…”

“Journey into the Allniverse” is the first performance by Sensory Theatre Sofia created especially for CHILDREN! It is tailor-made to the specific children’s nature and represents a kind of school where kids learn to create, play and communicate in a fairytale delicate world of endless possibilities – all through DIRECT EXPERIENCE.

As “grown-ups” and “adults” we start living in a different world which has been dis-enchanted, mechanized, oversaturated with stimulations and simulations, where there is no space for the spontaneity, purity and innocence of childhood. “Journey into the Allniverse” invites us to remember and save the REALITY of childhood!

This performance is a door – a cosmic gateway which takes children (from 6 to 106) on an adventure within a multidimensional space, where “every single thing is alive, every thing is a friend, every thing communicates, sings and loves nice stories.”

The Magic Allniverse is HERE and NOW, everywhere around us and within us! Let’s discover and re-discover it! Let’s keep it safe! Welcome, children of all ages!

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