Sensymbiosis – Veliko Turnovo 2014

The biggest difference between traditional theatre and sensory theatre is the fact that there is no stage in the latter… actually, there is no audience either. The audience is made up of participants who enter the Labyrinth one by one and undertake their own personal journey along a pre-prepared path. Thus they become protagonists in the “play” and visit sensual “nests”, populated by the “Labyrinth keepers”, who take selected messages to them in a very personal way.

The setting up of the Labyrinth by its creators and co-authors is preceded by a process in which they discover the site where it originates and explore together the human perceptions, as well as the different models for the creation of sensual impact. The final structure of the Labyrinth comes as the result of a creative process, consisting of games and tasks, work with dreams, symbols and archetypes.

The Labyrinth is never late, it always comes on time.

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