Sensory dinner with closed eyes

The sensory dinner with closed eyes is our latest sensorial experience, which combines the creative technologies developed by Sensory Theatre Sofia and the Institute for Silence Research.

The sensory dinner is a complete sensory-theatrical adventure with an emphasis on taste and the eating as a ritual. It is a journey into the unknown, beyond words, with your partner or with a stranger, then dinner with your eyes closed in a secret place and then… then you decide how to move forward, inspired by the experience.

WHEN: SEPTEMBER 27th 2020 – if you want to spend an exciting, delicious and unforgettable evening!

WHERE: secret location that will be revealed only to the participants

The whole event lasts 2 hours – from 19 to 21 h and includes a sensory adventure in an urban environment, and a special sensory dinner with a three-course, vegetarian menu.

Price: 90 BGN per person

Places are limited to 12 people , so make a reservation at http://bit.ly/sensorytheatre-tickets

Subscribers will receive additional instructions for the meeting place.

The rest cannot be described in words, it must be experienced personally!