Descent into Silence – Mindfulness and Sensory Labyrinth Theatre Training

“Descent into Silence – the Art of Looking at Ourselves” is a 4-day participative arts and mindfulness workshop which will take place in Sofia between November 1st and November 4th, 2018.
The participants in the training will enjoy a wide range of art and image-making, movement and mindfulness activities through which they will develop their own ‘sensory portal’, a site-specific installation at the location of the workshop.
The weekend culminates in a performance, where the participants invite friends and family to experience journeying through the sensory portals they have co-created.
The workshop and performance offer an opportunity to step out of time and enter a ‘being’ instead of a ‘doing’ mode. What we find is that people who engage with our work report greater confidence, clarity, joy, peace and aspiration.
Who is this workshop for:
“Descent into Silence – the Art of Looking at Ourselves” offers personal and professional development for therapists, performers, theatre makers, dancers, artists, activists, community organisers, social leaders, educators, third sector professionals, innovators, change-makers, yoga teachers, health & well-being professionals.
>>>>> WHEN: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th November 2018
The workshop will culminate with a labyrinth performance on November 3rd (Saturday) as a result of the training. If you would like to visit it, please write us in advance at
>>>>>> WHERE: Sofia
>>>>>> PRICE OF THE TRAINING: 150 euro
If you want to attend the training, please send us a brief presentation of yourself, if you have any past experience with sensory theatre or Mindfulness practices, and your contact info at or call us on 00359 885617207 by October 25th 2018.
The workshop will be held in English
>>>>>> Who is Iwan Brioc?
Iwan Brioc is welsh interdisciplinary artist and researcher, inspirer and teacher, creator of the unique Sensory Labyrinth Community Theatre methodology. Inspired by the Colombian theatre anthropologist Enrique Vargas, enriched by his meetings with teachers such as Augusto Boal and Tony Parson, and formed by his various occupations in the fields of cinema, psychology, social work, psychodrama, Mindfulness approach to health, art therapy, Forum Theater, Theater of the Oppressed and social activism through art, in the last years Iwan Brioc is committed to create networks and communities that are practicing “creative citizenship” for positive social change and achieving personal awareness and freedom .
He is founder and director of research at the European Network for Contemporary Arts – “The Republic of the Imagination”, art director of Theatr Cynefin – a platform for activism through theater in Wales and one of the founders of Drums for Peace – a network for creative work with young people with disabilities, as well as a father of 4 children! More about him and his projects on
>>>>>> What is Sensory Labyrinth Theatre?
The Sensory Labyrinth Theatre is an interactive creative process that leads to the creation of a site-specific performance. In this type of theatre the visitors are not passive spectators, but active protagonists and creators who personally meet and interact with the artists. Visitors go individually through a specially prepared labyrinth installation, saturated with unusual sensory provocations (hearing, tactile, olfactory, visual and taste).
More about the methodology and its development in Bulgaria check on