DREAM WITHIN A DREAM – concert-labyrinth for sleeping orchestra

The possibility of a group of people dreaming a COMMON dream has yet to be researched (some say our world is just such a dream). At the same time the state of somnambulism, in which the sleeping person manifests qualities unsuspected in his wakeful life, has always aroused strong interest leaving a great deal of questions unanswered…

What would happen if an orchestra of musical somnambulists plays a concert for an audience of people on the verge of sleep? Where would the research of the mind which is deeply relaxed as well as totally wakeful and alert take us?

“Dream Within a Dream” is preparing to enter deeper into the sphere beyond words, where spontaneous music paints ephemeral sound landscapes in amazing proximity with the big Silence… Put on your wordlessness, silenauts. The journey is starting!

“Dream Within a Dream” is an interactive concert-labyrinth, born from the encounter of spontaneous live trance music and the method of the sensory theatre. This research performance is the second experiment after the previous, quite successful “Butterfly In a Bell”, which was staged at the end of 2015.

Being a project of the Institute for Silence Research and the Sensory Theatre Sofia, “Dream Within a Dream” is located in the space BEYOND WORDS, i.e. it is a performance created by actors-silenauts for an audience of silenauts.


This performance is on at the VERTIGO building, 109 Bulgaria Blvd, Sofia. The audience will enter in groups of ten people at the following hours: 18:30, 19:00, 19:30 and 20:00.

As with all previous shows of Sensory Theatre Sofia, the number of seats for the concert is limited so you will have to make a booking IN ADVANCE at http://sensorytheatresofia.com/?page_id=812

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