Institute for Silence Research – 2014

There are many kinds of silence – the silence at the core of rocks, inside books, on the ocean floor, beyond the edge of the Universe and Absolute silence. The Institute for Silence Research studies its subject quite… Read More

Republic of the Imagination – Training Course 2014

“Republic of the Imagination” is the topic of the first training in the methods of the Sensory Theatre Labyrinth to take place in Bulgaria. It will be open to the wide public and will bring its creator –… Read More

Sensymbiosis – Veliko Turnovo 2014

The biggest difference between traditional theatre and sensory theatre is the fact that there is no stage in the latter… actually, there is no audience either. The audience is made up of participants who enter the Labyrinth one… Read More

Journey into the Allniverse – Children’s Labyrinth 2014

“Journey into the Allniverse” is the first project of Sensory Theatre Sofia created especially for CHILDREN! You will embark on a fantastic journey into the ALLNIVERSE where EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! “Journey into the Allniverse” is an interactive-sensual adventure–Labyrinth,… Read More

Terminal Infinity – 2013

In the world of dense matter and linear time, of fixed identities and predetermined social roles, opens a gateway overturning our ideas of real and unreal, Here and Now, You and Me. The boundaries between the worlds are… Read More

Техно Магика 2012

Techno Magica, 2012

At the border between theatre and museum, art and science, rational mind and intuition, reality and dreams, the contours of a whole new world are delineated – a world to be explored. People say that at night sometimes… Read More

Fairytale Factory, 2011

Is it possible that a fairytale factory really exists? A magical space which appears, only to vanish in a week’s time… A building has suddenly come to life, where the unexpected reigns supreme and anything can happen. Behind… Read More

The Tree of Life – Irakli, 2011

This interactive performance will take you on a gentle journey around the inner archetypal spaces, using as its stage the wooded seaside nooks between the mountain and the plain, the sea and the land, close to Irakli. The… Read More

Christmas Labyrinth of Miracles – 2010

The winter solstice… The longest night and the darkest time in the northern hemisphere of our planet… The end of a calendar cycle and the birth of the New… Every birth is a miracle! And every end is… Read More


The Wonder of the Other – 2008

Imagine yourself in a dark passage. You have been walking barefoot and at one point you feel lost. Totally lost… like you used to get lost as a child – you only know that you’re alive, and nothing… Read More