24-hours sensory city journey

The 24-hour sensory silent journeys are a practice of becoming one with our inner silence, a long hug with the Observer inside. 24 hours in silence allow us to enter an inner space of true presence, where pure joy, curiosity and spontaneous creativity are born.
This is an experience that will surely make a lasting impression on your perception of the world and life in the city. If you are ready to devote a day and a half to your inner life, to remain silent and to explore what is happening with your mind, creativity and feelings, then this kind of urban retreat is for you.
In the course of the experience, we were able to distill and list the stages of every deep silent experience, and they are:
1) RELEASE from the Matrix (perhaps the most difficult) – starting the road after disconnecting from the hooks of the system with its speed, logic and interconnections;
2) GOING through the void – a stage of subsidence, a possible internal crisis, meeting with doubts and voices calling them back;
3) RELAXING in the empty Space – expanding, connecting with the field of rest and infinite Potential, opening up the super-sensority;
4) STAYING in this Space as much as possible – sinking, receiving unusual ideas, visions, intuitions, feelings;
5) RETURN to the usual matrix scheme, acclimatization and adaptation;
6) INTEGRATING the experience in the so-called. daily life.
If you have read all this and it has caused you resonance, something like a slight tremor or tickling in the solar plexus, this trip may be for you.
WHEN: 27-28 May 2023 – beginning 9:30 pm on Saturday, ending 9:30 pm on Sunday.
The trip is only open to 6 people. No one goes on such a trip by accident or unprepared, because without the force required for point 1, it simply cannot happen.
It is an experience for true explorers, unlocking a new level of silent urban sensory practices in urban settings, a journey between dimensions, after which you cannot be the same.
Those of you who feel called and ready to enter this kind of quiet city retreat should contact us in person on 0884674953 or write to silence.research.institute@gmail.com.
The cost for this experience is BGN 190, including bed and breakfast.
We send heartfelt greetings to all current and future silenauts!